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Κυριακή, 30 Οκτωβρίου 2011

CFP: Symposium on Language and Communication (including translation), June 2012, Izmir, Turkey

The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to participate in the International Symposium on Language and Communication: Research trends and challenges (ISLC). The symposium is to be held 10-13 June 2012 in the Atatürk Congress Center, Ege University, Turkey.
ISLC is an international symposium which focuses on the research trends and challenges in the field of interdisciplinary language, literature, history and communication studies at both national and international levels, and their consequences for the theory, policy and practice of a variety of fields such as education, economy, sociology, and all other related fields. ISLC provides an international forum that enables discussions of the latest research trends and challenges, and promotes critical debate, on the often-complex interconnections between language and communication and history, economy, sociology, education, and all related sub-fields.
We invite abstracts, papers, and proposals in any of the following tracks:
• Literature, History, Art and Humanities,
• Business and Economics,
• Language Education and Teaching
• Communication Technology and Science.

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