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Ηλεκτρονικά περιοδικά λογοτεχνικής μετάφρασης

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Literary Translation Magazines
Magazines and online projects that publish exclusively literary translations, translation-related articles … and the occasional experiment.
Literary Translation Magazines with Language and/or Regional Focus
Magazines and online projects that focus on the literature of one (or more) specific language(s) or region(s).
Literary Magazines with Translation Focus
Literary magazines that make a point of regularly publishing translations alongside original English-language work.
Literary Translation Journals (Scholarly/Critical)
Journals examining literary translation from a scholarly/critical/academic perspective

Literary Translation Magazines
Homepage 91st Meridian
Print magazine, some content online. Translations and intralingual experiments. Published by the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, associated with eXchanges (see below).
Homepage Absinthe: New European Writing
"Absinthe: New European Writing is a print journal committed to featuring contemporary European writers who have not been widely translated into English."
Cipher Journal
Online journal. "We aim to focus on literary translation in its broadest sense, cracking open this often-neglected field by melding the invisibility of the translator with the identity of the artist. We will achieve this by publishing creative works of art & literature that call attention to the process of translation. We will also include reviews of translated literature-both new and old-with a special emphasis on the merits of the translation."
Homepage Circumference
Print journal. "Circumference is devoted to presenting translations of new work being written around the globe, new visions of classical poems, and translations of foreign language poets of the past who have fallen under the radar of American readers ... Circumference prints all poems in the original language side-by-side with their English translations."
Homepage Composite Translation
Print journal with some online content. "Composite features one poem in each issue. The poem in its original language is printed on a page that folds out from the back cover. Inside, various translations of the poem into English or other languages are printed together."
Homepage eXchanges
Online journal with blog. "eXchanges is the University of Iowa's literary e-journal devoted to translations both into and out of the English language. We aim to foster cultural interchange and expand awareness of translation as a valid art form. Publishing the source text alongside its translation, we also highlight the symbiotic nature of the process."
Homepage The Ledge
"The Ledge is an independent platform for international literature. At the heart of the site is a series of interviews with authors, translators and critics from around the world. New interviews are added regularly. There is also a built-in, ever-expanding reading guide and a listing of international literary events."
Homepage Lyrikline
"lyrikline.org is the platform on the internet on which poems are available to listen to, and to read both in their original languages and various translations: a concert of verse in the voices and languages of the authors."
Homepage Metamorphoses
Print journal. "Metamorphoses is the journal of the Five College Faculty Seminar on Literary Translation. Published in the spring and fall, the journal provides a forum for literary translation out of (and into) all languages, and for papers on the theory and practice of literary translation."
Homepage Passport
Online journal with blog. "PASSPORT publishes poetry, fiction, and non-fiction in English translation. For the non-fiction section, the editors are particularly interested in essays on literary translation; these may be written in English or translated from other languages. As part of its mission to offer a forum for discussion, PASSPORT invites non-fiction contributions that deal with issues such as finding texts to translate, securing publishing rights, getting translations published, and the status of the translator in the literary world."
Homepage Poetry International
"Welcome to Poetry International Web, a new, worldwide forum for poetry on the internet! PIW will bring you news, reviews, essays, interviews and discussion, but, first and foremost, hundreds of poems by acclaimed modern poets from all around the world, both in the original language and in English translation."
Homepage Transcript Review
Online journal. "Transcript is a bi-monthly review of books and writing from around Europe. Its aim is to promote quality literature written in the 'smaller' languages and to give wider circulation to material from small-language literary publications through the medium of English, French and German."
Homepage Two Lines
Print journal published by the Center for the Art of Translation. "An annual magazine of international literature in translation and commentary on the art of translation." Bilingual, theme issues.
Homepage Words without Borders
"Words Without Borders undertakes to promote international communication through translation of the world's best writing-selected and translated by a distinguished group of writers, translators, and publishing professionals-and publishing and promoting these works (or excerpts) on the web." Also features a blog and forums.

Literary Translation Magazines with Language and/or Regional Focus
Homepage Arabesques
Algerian-based print magazine with online content in English, French and Arabic. Includes reviews, interviews, chat, blogs, forums.
Homepage Ars Interpres
Stockholm-based print journal with online content. "The journal publishes primarily contemporary English language poetry, English translation of modern Scandinavian and European poetry, as well as articles on poetic translation and other related materials."
Hungarian-based web anthology featuring literary works translated from and into a wide range of European languages.
Homepage Banipal Magazine
Print journal for modern Arab literature in translation.
Homepage Barcelona Review
"The Web's first electronic review of international, contemporary cutting-edge fiction in English/Spanish/Catalan multilingual format."
Homepage Contemporary Turkish Literature
"This website invites you to explore the rich diversity in style and subject matter offered by contemporary Turkish literature. Those of you who do not read Turkish will have at your fingertips the opportunity to acquaint yourselves with many of the developments and achievements in the prose, poetry and drama published since the middle of the 20th century, with the majority of the selections here representing the last quarter of the century and the first years of the new millennium."
Homepage Cyfwe
"Cyfwe is a website for Welsh literature in translation… The focus will be on contemporary Welsh-language writing, covering all the main literary forms. Some pieces of Welsh writing in English will also be included in order to give a full picture of the literature of contemporary Wales … Translations have been commissioned into a number of European languages, and our intention is to make this a truly multilingual site."
Homepage Dimension²
Print journal. "DIMENSION2 is a unique literature magazine that presents contemporary German-langauge literature in bilingual format to the English-speaking public."
Homepage Double Change
Online journal. "Double Change was founded in 2000 in order to juxtapose, unite and reunite the poetries of France and the United States in a new bi-national, multi-faceted forum… For these goals we have two essential venues: a reading series in Paris, and a Web site featuring a poetry magazine."
Homepage The Estonian Literary Magazine
Print and online journal of contemporary English literature and Estonian literature in English translation, literature news.
Homepage Hungarian Quarterly
Print journal with online content. English literature and Hungarian literature in translation, essays, interviews, literary news.
Homepage InterPoezia
Online journal. "INTERPOEZIA is a bilingual magazine presenting poems in Russian and in English (but not necessarily only of Russian or American poets), as well as translations and short prose."
Homepage Liffey Project
Online journal. "A site devoted to contemporary writing from five countries: Ireland, the UK, Austria, Germany and Denmark… All of the writing on the site is available in English, Danish and German. Material is also translated into these languages from Welsh, Irish and Slovenian."
Homepage The Little Magazine
Print journal with online content. "TLM is South Asia's only professionally produced print magazine devoted to essays, fiction, poetry, art and criticism … The magazine was conceived as a dialogue - a platform which would carry important work in the world languages along with the best of contemporary writing in the South Asian languages."
Homepage Manoa
Print journal. "MANOA strives to bring the literature of Asia and the Pacific to the United States and to bring American writing to Asian and Pacific readers … Twice a year, the journal presents outstanding contemporary writing-often in new translations-from throughout the region."
Homepage Parabaas Translation
"This page has been developed with the main aim of carrying English translations of work by major Bengali authors."
Homepage Poetry Translation Center
"The website of The Poetry Translation Centre at the School of Oriental and African Studies. On these pages you'll be able to read our translations of contemporary poets in a wide variety of languages, find out more about us, send us your suggestions and queries, and take part in lively debates about poetry and translation with people from all over the world."
Homepage Poetrysky
"Poetrysky.com is the first bilingual poetry website in the world publishing both English and Chinese versions of poetry." With forums.
Homepage Polish Writing
Online journal. "This website is intended to serve as an index of Polish writing available in English, giving extracts of key works and providing an overview of this exciting area of world literature."
Homepage Renditions
Print journal for Chinese literature in English translation.
Homepage Respiro
"Round table and creation workshop, exploration of new spaces and cultural paradigms, gallery of ideas and forum of opinions, Revista Respiro is a journey through the world of original works and translations, essays, interviews, critiques, visual art, diaries representing any cultural zone protected by the benevolent smile of a muse, whether or not she has been included in the classical Pantheon. The promise is that of a large breadth magazine addressed to readers from any corner of our virtual planet. Respiro languages are Romanian, English, Portuguese, French and Spanish."
Homepage Sirena
Print journal with online content. International poetry in Spanish and English translation. Also essays, interviews, blog.
Homepage Storie
Bilingual print journal (English-Italian) of international literature.
Homepage Trafika
"An international literary magazine edited in Prague and New York." Online, focus on Central European literature in translation.
Homepage The Translation Project
Online journal. "The Translation Project's mission is to bring contemporary Iranian literature to a worldwide audience. It is an umbrella organization for the translation and presentation of 20th and 21st Century Iranian literature in multiple languages and media."
cover #4 Versal
Print journal with online content. "Versal, published annually by wordsinhere, is the only literary magazine of its kind in the Netherlands and publishes new poetry, prose, essays, and art. Versal looks around the globe for both known and new voices, thus bringing international poetry and prose into the living rooms of the Netherlands and simultaneously exporting poetry and prose made here to other countries." wordsinhere is an Amsterdam-based international writers collective (see Expat Literary Community).

Literary Magazines with Translation Focus
Homepage Actionyes
New online magazine with experimental approach to translation: "Translation teaches us to read adventurously."
Homepage Archipelago
Online journal for international literature and ideas. Available as download edition.
Homepage Litmus Press / Aufgabe
Print poetry journal with strong focus on translation. Issue 2 includes a German poetry section edited by translator Rosemarie Waldrop. Some online content.
The Bitter Oleander Press
Print journal. "The Bitter Oleander Press has been providing the poetry reading public with a highly deep-image driven poetry since 1974. … We continue to publish the well-known, the little known and the unknown poets and writers side by side. We publish it in English and we also present a lot of it in translation from their originals."
Homepage Chelsea
Print journal. "Chelsea has been publishing new, established, and soon-to-be-established voices in literature since 1958. Eclectic ... lively ... with an emphasis on translations, art, and cross-cultural exchange, Chelsea is one of the best 'little magazines,' mixing unsolicited work with occasional special features and guest edited portfolios."
Homepage Chicago Review
Print journal with emphasis on translation, special issues on "New Writing in German", "New Polish Writing"
Homepage Fascicle
Online journal with focus on translation, also art, essays, interviews, literary experiments.
Homepage Fiction
Print journal with online content, blog. "A magazine of international imaginative writing."
Homepage Fine Madness
"A print-based international journal of poetry."
Homepage Green Integer Review
Edited by Douglas Messerli, Green Integer Review is an online journal regularly featuring translations of contemporary poetry, fiction, interviews, essays & reviews. See also Green Integer's collection of English translations of German literature .
Homepage Hayden's Ferry Review
Print journal with "international section": "Hayden's Ferry Review has often published translations. However, we believe that a more particular engagement of cultures will demand closer attention to cultural bodies, the way they identify themselves, interact, and maintain their distinctions. HFR's international section wishes to explore these living arrangements as perceived by the inhabitant writer."
Homepage The Literary Review
Print journal with online content, regularly features translations.
Homepage Lyric Poetry Review
Print journal. "Described as an 'elegantly produced magazine that has discovered a whole new young audience,' lyric presents poetry by Americans and translations of both little-known and celebrated poets from around the world."
Homepage The Manhattan Review
Print poetry journal. "The Manhattan Review has won praise for its balance of American and international poetry, its distinguished interview series, and its many firsts… the New Magazine Review saluted MR for combining 'strong translations with poetry written by those whose roots lie buried in American soil.'"
Volume XXVI / No. 2 Mid-American Review
Print journal. "Mid-American Review is an international literary journal dedicated to publishing the best contemporary fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and translations."
Homepage Nimrod
Print journal with online content. "Nimrod's mission is discovery: the journal seeks new, unheralded writers; writers from other lands who become accessible to the English speaking world through translation…"
Homepage PEN Journal
Print journal for international literature with online content, forums.
Issue 44:2 - Winter 2006 Prism International
Print journal with online content. "PRISM international is a quarterly magazine out of Vancouver, British Columbia, whose mandate is to publish the best in contemporary writing and translation from Canada and around the world."
Homepage Slope
"Slope is an online journal devoted to poetry being written around the world." Includes reviews of poetry collections.
Cover Issue 3.2 Vallum
Print poetry journal with translation section, theme issues. Some online content.
WLT Magazine, March 2006 Issue World Literature Today
Print journal with content for download. "World Literature Today brings you the whole world in each issue. It has interviews and original poetry and fiction from around the globe, lively essays on writers and regional trends, authors on books that changed their lives, travel writing, a column on children's literature, and coverage of controversies and conferences."

Literary Translation Journals (Scholarly/Critical)
Homepage Context
Online journal, can be downloaded. "CONTEXT is a triquarterly publication intended to create an international and historical context in which to read modern and contemporary literature. Its goal is to encourage the development of a literary community." Published by the Center for Book Culture.
Homepage Translation Review
Print journal. "Translation Review focuses on the theoretical and critical aspects of transplanting a literary text from one culture into another." Now expanding its focus to include translations as well as critical articles and reviews.

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