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Τρίτη, 14 Ιανουαρίου 2014

Study on Intellectual Property Rights in translation

The EC Directorate-General for Translation is conducting a study on Intellectual Property Rights in translation.

The study aims to tackle the question of how intellectual property law has been impacted by the advances of technology and new business models in the global translation industry. The secondary aim is to raise awareness among stakeholders and decision-makers of the relevance of IPRs for the fair retribution of creators, hence for the preservation of quality and innovation.

Universities and other stakeholders are welcome to send examples of anonymised translation contracts with provisions on intellectual property rights which could enrich DGT's reflection on the broad issue in the language industry, for a research project to be finished mid 2014. Please use our FMB DGT-ML-STUDIES@ec.europa.eu.

Should you have any suggestions please reply to this email as soon as possible

Thank you in advance

Best regards

Christina Sotiropoulou & Catherine Vieilledent-Monfort
DGT R.4.003 Development of the translation profession – Studies team
BRU-G-12 01/010
+(32) 2 29-94976

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