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Κυριακή, 22 Νοεμβρίου 2009

Index Translationum - World Bibliography of Translation (UNESCO)

Index Translationum - World Bibliography of Translation


The Index Translationum is a list of books translated in the world, i.e. an international bibliography of translations. The Index Translationum was created in 1932.

The database contains cumulative bibliographical information on books translated and published in about one hundred of the UNESCO Member States since 1979 and totals more than 1.800,000 entries in all disciplines: literature, social and human sciences, natural and exact sciences, art, history and so forth. It is planned to update the work every four months.

The references registered before 1979 can be found in the printed editions of the Index Translationum, available in all National depository libraries and at the UNESCO library in Paris.

By publishing this list, to serve as a reference work, UNESCO provides the general public with an irreplaceable tool for making bibliographical inventories of translations on a worldwide scale.

International cooperation makes the "Index Translationum" a work tool that is unique in the world.

Each year, the bibliography centres or national libraries in the participating countries send the UNESCO Secretariat bibliographical data on translated books in all fields of knowledge. Periodicals, articles from periodicals, patents and brochures are not included.

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