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Τρίτη, 2 Αυγούστου 2011

New journal - translation

Published by 
St. Jerome in Manchester, 
Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura in Rome, 
The Nida School for Translation Studies/Fondazione San Pellegrino.

translation is a new multi-/ trans-disciplinary journal, to appear in print and on the web, that hopes to broaden the discussion of translational phenomena and invite new thinking about what translation is today and how we can find new words to speak about it. It aims at establishing a dialogue with any area of research in which translation is implicitly or explicitly occupying a conceptual position – whether central or marginal.

Submissions should be sent to Siri Nergaard, editor, < siri.nergaard@gmail.com>

A free copy of the inaugural issue can be requested from St. Jerome Publishing at: ken@stjeromepublishing.com

A journal website is being created - http://translation.fusp.it  that will soon be activated

Future issues will interrogate the place of translation in relation to memory, space, cinema, and community

For more information, please contact siri.nergaard@gmail.com

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