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Σάββατο, 14 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Translation, Adaptation and Transformation, edited by Laurence Raw

Examines what adaptation and translation are, and moves towards theorizing both as coherent disciplines.
240 Pages


In recent years adaptation studies has established itself as a discipline in its own right, separate from translation studies. The bulk of its activity to date has been restricted to literature and film departments, focussing on questions of textual transfer and adaptation of text to film. It is however, much more interdisciplinary, and is not simply a case of transferring content from one medium to another. This collection furthers the research into exactly what the act of adaptation involves and whether it differs from other acts of textual rewriting.
In addition, the ‘cultural turn’ in translation studies has prompted many scholars to consider adaptation as a form of inter-semiotic translation. But what does this mean, and how can we best theorize it? What are the semiotic systems that underlie translation and adaptation? Containing theoretical chapters and personal accounts of actual adaptions and translations, this is an original contribution to translation and adaptation studies which will appeal to researchers and graduate students.

Table of Contents

Contributors \ Preface Piotr Kuhiwczak \ Acknowledgments \ Introduction: Identifying Common Ground Laurence Raw \ 1. Adaptation and Appropriation: Is there a Limit? Hugo Vandal-Sirois and Georges L. Bastin \ 2. Translation and Adaptation – Two Sides of an Ideological Coin Katja Krebs \ 3. The Authenticity in “Adaptation”: A Theoretical Perspective from Translation Studies Cynthia Tsui \ 4. Translation and Rewriting: Don’t Translators ‘Adapt’, When They ‘Translate’? Joao Azenha and Marcelo Moreira \ 5. Adapting, Translating, and Transforming: Cultural Mediation in Ping Chong’s Deshima and Pojagi Tanfer Emin Tunç\ 6.Shakespeare’s Christian Dimension in China’s Theatre – to Translate, or Not to Translate?Jenny Wong \ 7.“Tradaptation” Dans le Sens Québécois: A Word for the Future Susan Knutson \ 8. rWaltz with Bashir as a Case of Multidimensional Translation Ayelet Kohn and Rachel Weissbrod \ 9. The Paradoxes of Textual Fidelity: Translation and Intertitles in Victor Sjöström’s Silent Film Adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s Terje Vigen Eirik Frisvold Hanssen and Anna Sofia Rossholm \10. Les Liaisons Dangeureuses à l’anglais: examining traces of 'European-ness' in Cruel Intentions, Dangerous Liaisons, and Valmont Sarah Artt \ 11. Turnips or Sweet Potatoes Kate Eaton \ 12. The Mind’s Ear: Imagination, Emotions and Ideas in the Intersemiotic Transposition of Housman’s Poetry to Song Mike Ingham \ 13. Cultural Adaptation and Translation: Some Thoughts about Chinese students Studying in a British University Ruth Cherrington \ Bibliography \ Index


Laurence Raw, Laurence Raw is teaches Adaptation Studies and Literature in the Department of English, Faculty of Education, Baskent University, Ankara, Turkey.

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